Garden of the two in Rehovot

The Twins garden,  Memorial Statue in Rehovot
1518 | The Twins garden, Memorial Statue in Rehovot

This page is dedicated to the memory of

Ophir Damari             Moshe Yaakov Handler

Whose lives ended prematurely in a terror attack at the Ashdod port on each Bader Tss"d 14/03/2004


The twilight, on a spring day went ... During the 32 years of your life always smiled, help, festive ... laughter, grace and good life were smiling ... and they will always before our eyes, a wonderful son, husband and exemplary father, brother and friend support in times of crisis


Ophir Damari
 born in  Rehovot on the day of Sivan Where the 05/22/1972

And have chosen a wonderful and joyous, loving and devoted to his family and friends.

ORT School graduate mechanics trend , he served in the Air Force as a mechanic and examines APCs, working port of Ashdod department of terminal equipment mechanic levers.

Survived by his parents, sisters, wife, son and daughter


Wonderful personality and his love for his family, others and life. Was like Shemesh and his positive energy shone ... Europ ... warmed ... smiling, optimistic, a true friend, a devoted husband and an exemplary family man.


Moshe Yaakov Handler

Born in the streets, on the seventeenth Cheshvan Tsl"d 10/13/74

Learned and educated in religious stream. Respect for people, peace loving, humble and Anio- charity in secret negotiations.



Graduate School of the Air Force Technical Haifa. Served in 119 Squadron, a mechanic Phantoms. Works Ashdod port terminal crane mechanic.

Was killed in the port of Ashdod when he was only 30 years old.

Leaving behind parents, sister, wife and daughter.




Link to a memorial for those killed in the attack at Ashdod Port