Del Art masks Exhibition

Del Art masks Exhibition
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 Del Art masks Exhibition

The DEL-ART 2010 Mask Exhibition

The DEL-ART 2010 Mask Exhibition (Enlarge)


Artist Israel Primo dedicated his Del-Art 2010 exhibition to the children of Schneider Children’s Medical Center. The exhibition included 15 masks inspired by prominent Israeli cultural and entertainment figures such as Yehoram Gaon, Gila Almagor, Chana Laslau, Tzipi Shavit, Yigal Shilon, Zvika Pick, Avi Kushnir and others. The facial masks were meticulously hand-crafted utilizing various metals and techniques of sculpting, hammering, and other blacksmith and silver welding skills.


Primo's artistic concept is devoid of set patterns, and does not conform to the customary formalities and norms. His works display original thought and unique presence, some based on bold dramatic designs and some on translucent, airy and soft designs. Primo, who started his artistic career in the metal crafting world, now combines functional design with art, but metal crafting elements are ever-present in his creations.


The exhibition dedicated to Schneider Children's Medical Center was entitled "Doll and Mask Reflection and Image", and was held at the Beit Gabriel Gallery, on Lake Kinneret.

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Del Art masks Exhibition

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